Monday, April 30, 2007


Walls are up!
This section of wall and roof is the only one with fulling bracing. Is there more to come? The precast panels are 9metres by 3 metres. and placed horizontally. Looks good. Note bracing across the window (interesting! I quite like it) and temporary props for panels supporting the roller door. Concrete floor to be installed in sections next week.

Temporary props for wall with roller door.

Footing for column

Connection to old post office. The old rafter is visible on the far side of the column. A new rafter has been bolted to this side of the universal beam and the new purlins (not shown ) sit on top of this.

Just four small bolts at the base of columns holding all this up. Amazing!

This could be fun!

Bracing tensioner

Hole cut in concrete panel for one of the beams to support the entrance portico


These are the clips holding the 9x3 metre concrete panels to the columns. They are so insubstantial! But obviously very effective!

How can four small spring clips hold up a nine metre by three metre concrete slab?


Vicki said...

very nice photo victoria. i have been searching all over the place to find out how to attach concrete panels to the frame. these clips are tiny.
there would probably be a steel rod coming out of the footing that the bottom of the panel would fit over. from what i can gather once all the panels are connected together and sitting on these steel rods it is pretty stable. i do agree though that those clips look tiny for such a heavy panel. i am trying to work out how panels would attached to a concrete frame. i wish i had done timber! thanks for the info. it is very helpful

Sarah said...

you've got some really good photos on here