Friday, April 13, 2007


The Bunnings Warehouse huge portal frame was a great site to visit 'post-lecture' on portals
as armed with knowledge about portals, I found its construction reasonably easy to read. Long view of interior indicating the size of building, including the apex of the roof showing rigid joint connections, stanchions, beams, purlins, double haunching and fly bracing. Interesting to note that there are stanchions here to reduce the span. On closer inspection though some beams rest on the columns and other columns run right through the apex. Any suggestions as to why? Z purlins are held off the beams by means of cleats. Sag rods between purlins to prevent twisting. Wiring for lighting is run along the Z purlins.

Z girts attached by cleats to stanchions (360UBs I'm guessing) . This photo also shows
both roof and wall bracing. Safety mesh on the underside of the roofing.

Knee joint with haunching welded and bolted to beam and column.

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