Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Will this work ????- the connection of office to warehouse? (Office on the right, w'house on left).The tension rod and bracing have to work for both office and warehouse. and gerberette beam and half beam are connected by a small octagonal member.

Top chord of roof truss fitted over sleeve of gerberette .

View of tension rod pulling gerberette down to reduce bending moments on the truss .

Second attempt - I hope I have resolved the issue of warehouse/showroom connection (I have connected gerberettes end to end) and roof truss to gerberette connection.

The section I have chosen (probably a big mistake as this may prove to be difficult!) is the where the corner of the warehouse joins the office. This is my first attempt and as yet i haven't resolved how to connect the office/showroom to the exterior structure. I also need to do some more research as to how "gerberettes" work in terms of compression and bending moments. I tried to put the roof truss on the outside and not related to the gerberettes but realise this isn't going to work as it negates the need for the gerberettes. Working on it!

Design influence is the exoskeletal style of construction/architecture by the architects Richard Rogers (Pritzker Prize winner 2007) and Renzo Piano (Pritzker Prize Winner 1998), in particular the Centre Pompidou, a museum and cultural centre in Paris designed by Rogers and Piano in 1971 and completed in 1976. The Centre Pompidou is literally turned inside out thus freeing internal space which is great for warehouses!

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