Tuesday, April 10, 2007


5 The other interesting architect I have been looking at is Rem Koolhaas (also a Pritzker Prize winner 2000).In particular this CCTV and TVCC building currently being constructed in Beijing where two tall towers are being constructed on a distinct angle and reach out to meet each other at the top.4 I also looked at some of the work of Richard Rogers (2007 Pritzker Prize winner) and have included his Lloyd's building in London which is a more elegant treatment of the inside out structure of the Pompidou Centre.

3 One of Renzo Piano's recent works is the beautiful Aurora Place building in Sydney. It is a reinforced concrete frame consisting of a central core and floor slabs spanning to columns at the perimeter. The floor plan increases in size with the height of the building thus giving the appearance of a building that leans ouwards.The beauty of the building is enhanced by a facade of white glass that extends beyond the building form to create a "ghostly white structure".(www.arup.com)

2 I then looked at other works by Piano (Pritzker Prize winner 1998) including the Centre Culturel Tjibaou where Piano takes advantage of prevailing winds as a system of ventilation through timber and glass slats and louvres. 1 Beginning to think about ideas for the major project. My first thoughts are looking to the Pompidou Centre(1972-1976) by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers where all structure is exposed on the outside, turning the building inside out and so freeing up the interior spaces - good for warehouses!

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