Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Pompidou Centre - inspiration for the Major Project

5m x 1om detail of north west corner of the warehouse

Gerberette through wall plate and connected to truss. It acts as a cantilever beam and the outer tension column pulls it downwards reducing the bending moments on the truss top chord .Beneath the gerberette is a vertical support truss for the concrete panels.

Floor plans (if you can see them!

Interconnecting courtyard between office and warehouse (glass cube with a pool wrapping around the end column.)

Free internal space resulting from external steel structural frame.

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Simon said...

Hi mate, great blog you have, I am enjoying looking through it. Just a couple of questions:

1. On your assignment posters (the pompidou), are the details like the gerber beam details etc to any scale or not?

2. On the column details of the poster what does the writing say on the top right image after"wall support brace" as the writing is cut off.

3. Also on the roof structure detail I can't read it fully - "safety mesh ? and clear" - what is that word?

Thanks a lot mate, i'll keep reading your block : ) .