Sunday, May 20, 2007

con assignment in progress

Exterior of warehouse with exoskeletal structure
Inside of warehouse - no structure!

View of truss which is loaded on the "gerberette" or gerber arm which pivots at the column and is attached at the other end to a tension column which transfers the forces out and down to the footings - all of which reduces the bending moments on the truss thus allowing for a greater span and less depth to the truss thus freeingup of internal space. Celebrating the structure includes notonly an exoskeletal steel strucure but also exposing the concrete pad footing. CHS column with steel arm which has dual function of supporting concrete panel and the horizontal and diagonal bracing.

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Edo said...

Hey Vic,

Great stuff you've got on your Blog, very dedicated in posting those pics. Well Done !

I've looked at your model drawing, good job in using those External Skeletals in your warehouse , I can see the resemblance of Piano’s Pompidou instantly. The red colour even makes more impact !!!

Those so called exso-skeletal, are they load bearing, does it helps the concrete wall carry the load or simply a cladding ?

Cheers …